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A Soccer Life Foundation is looking for soccer players to sponsor in South Florida!  We want to hear your story so that we can consider you as a candidate for one of our scholarship grants. Nominations can be received from players, coaches, teammates or parents.


In order to be considered for a player scholarship, he /she must meet the following criteria:


       They must be playing on a travel soccer team that is registered with the FYSA

       They must have a verified financial need

       They must be good teammates and citizens

       They must be dedicated students

       Their team must be willing to manage the funds that are awarded to the player


The selection of scholarship recipients is solely at the discretion of the members of ASLF.  If we find your application email to be of interest, we will notify you to seek the proper documentation.  If all of the criteria are met, an interview between the player, their parents, or legal guardians and the members of ASLF will be set.


We look forward to hearing from you.



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