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Church of St. Martha Food Donation

On July 9th, Pablo Joseph reached out and partnered with Curly’s Food Bank in Liberty Square who graciously donated 1 pallet of food. The pallet was donated to the Church of Saint Martha in Miami Shores who holds weekly food distributions. The donation helped feed over 500 families in need and the church appreciated the foundation's efforts.

His House Children's Home Food & Ball Donation

On May 1, founding member Pablo Joseph traveled to His House Children's Home in Homestead to deliver food and soccer balls. He coordinated with Tropical Chinese restaurant, who helped us provide food for over 100 people. His House is a nonprofit, faith-based organization that has provided stability to over 15,000 kids' lives and currently house over 100 kids. In addition to the meals, Pablo brought 50 soccer balls for the kids to play with during the quarantine. About 2 months later, on July 8th, Pablo partnered with Calle El Hambre 305 Food Truck in Homestead who donated 65 meals. He coordinated the delivery to His House Children’s Home in Miami Gardens who greatly appreciated the help.

Fienberg Fisher K-8 Ball Giveaway

Although our on-field events have been halted due to COVID-19, ASLF continues to help the community. On Monday, April 27, founders Daniel and Sebastian Mateu went to Fienberg Fisher, an elementary school on Miami Beach, to give out free balls to students and parents. ASLF recognizes that many kids are becoming restless in isolation. As most children have been under a lockdown for a month and a half now, we found it imperative to give the children at this elementary school an outlet. The kids were ecstatic upon receiving the soccer balls, and hopefully they can now begin to cultivate a passion for soccer.

ASLF Partners with Feeding South Florida

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The Coronavirus has hindered our soccer operations at the moment, but we knew that there still were ways to help out our fellow South Floridians. Due to the postponement of our clinics, club soccer, and our Bahamas outreach trip this summer, we looked to find other ways to serve our community. During these hard times, many families in our community need help, so we decided that partnering with Feeding South Florida would have the greatest impact. A Soccer Life Foundation has agreed to match donations up to $3,000 to Feeding South Florida. Through these efforts, we hope to provide at least 46,000 meals. Please visit our fundraising page by clicking on the button below to see how you can support our efforts. We hope that everyone is safe and healthy, and we hope to get back out on the pitch as soon as possible!

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