2021 Armbrister Park Summer Camp

Following 16 months of being off the field, we finally returned to Armbrister Park on Monday, June 28. We hosted camp for three weeks, and played games like soccer, kickball, capture the flag, and led many technical drills. While the camp was relatively small in terms of the number of kids, they all enjoyed coming out each day, learning, and staying active. ASLF members Nick Stone, Pablo Joseph, Sebastian & Daniel Mateu, Lindsay Gould, Lauren Howard, Jasper Broad, and Juan Rivera were instrumental in the camp's execution. Our scholarship recipient, Gerald Escobar, was also instrumental in the camp's day-to-day, never missing a day for three weeks! We celebrated the last day of camp with water balloons and donuts, and are excited to resume our regular programming at Armbrister this fall. 


Special Olympics Equipment Donation

In early March, A Soccer Life Foundation members Pablo Joseph, Richard Hanft, and Gabriel Pulido stopped by the offices of the Florida Special Olympics Soccer Program of Miami-Dade County to donate various boxes filled with soccer equipment. The materials, which were generously donated by Miami FC, a local professional club that competes in the USL championship, included jerseys, socks, shorts, soccer, soccer balls, and jackets. The Special Olympics program serves over 8,000 soccer players and 400 coaches in Miami. Through his extensive research, Joseph identified the far-reaching impact of this organization and organized this donation. A Soccer Life Foundation is proud to partner with the Florida Special Olympics Soccer Program of Miami-Dade County and we are excited to partner with them more in the future.


Javier Cañedo Scholarship 

Christian Lopez was selected as the first recipient of the Javier Cañedo scholarship, created in honor of Javier Cañedo, a close friend and former teammate of multiple members of ASLF, who passed away nearly two years ago.

First Scholarship of 2020-2021 Season


His House Children's Home 

On Friday, May 1, founding member Pablo Joseph traveled to His House Children's Home in Homestead to deliver food and soccer balls. He coordinated with Tropical Chinese restaurant, who helped us provide food for over 100 people. His House is a nonprofit, faith-based organization that has provided stability to over 15,000 kids' lives and currently house over 100 kids. In addition to the meals, Pablo brought 50 soccer balls for the kids to play with during the quarantine. They were very grateful, and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.


Fienberg Fisher K-8 Ball Giveaway


Although our on-field events have been halted due to COVID-19, ASLF continues to help the community. On Monday, April 27, founders Daniel and Sebastian Mateu went to Fienberg Fisher, an elementary school on Miami Beach, to give out free balls to students and parents. ASLF recognizes that many kids are becoming restless in isolation. As most children have been under a lockdown for a month and a half now, we found it imperative to give the children at this elementary school an outlet. The kids were ecstatic upon receiving the soccer balls, and hopefully they can now begin to cultivate a passion for soccer.

Winter 2020 Clinic Program

In February, we began our third 10-week soccer clinic program at Armbrister Park. This program was our first without a coach. The kids seemed to enjoy the flexibility we offered as the new coaches, and we were able to keep them organized with new drills and games. We had many great clinics during this program, including one with the Ransom Everglades Girls Varsity team. For their annual REach project, the girls soccer team joined us for one of our clinics in early March. The kids loved spending time with them. Unfortunately, we were only able to run five clinics this season. As a result of the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, the city of Miami suspended our permit to hold weekly clinics at Armbrister Park. This effectively ended our third season of clinics. We are disappointed, and miss playing with the kids on a weekly basis, but are looking forward to next school year!

Fall 2019 Clinic Program


This fall, A Soccer Life Foundation ran clinics each Tuesday for 10 weeks at Armbrister Park. The clinics were led by ASLF’s members and Coach Fernando Chele. We taught and played soccer with students from GW Carver Elementary School. Our intention was to spread our knowledge about the game, while also promoting teamwork and friendship in a soccer environment. We started each clinic by facilitating some drills and games, and then transitioned into finishing the day with a proper scrimmage. The kids’ immense passion for the game led to some exciting scrimmages, and the participants had a lot of fun competing and learning the game. We would like to thank Coach Chele and Armbrister Park for helping us pursue the foundation’s missions, and also to the children for their constant desire and motivation to learn and develop their skills.It was a pleasure to watch the children enjoy the clinics and become better players and people in the process, and we cannot wait to be back in a few months.

Winter 2019 Clinic Program

On January 14, we held our first of 10 clinics as part of our 10-week program at Armbrister Park, in West Coconut Grove. The program will run from the beginning of January, and last until the beginning of April, providing the kids in the after-school program with professional instruction and a chance to learn the fundamentals of soccer and have fun! With the help of Coach Daniel Villegas, the founding members of ASLF are excited and enthusiastic about beginning their first official program.


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