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Christian Lopez

Javier Canedo Scholarship Recipient

Juventus Academy

On October 10th, we awarded our 10th scholarship to Christian Lopez, a defender for  Juventus Academy and an 11th grader at SLAM high school.


Christian is the first recipient of the Javier Cañedo scholarship, created in honor of Javier Cañedo, a close friend and former teammate of multiple members of ASLF, who passed away nearly two years ago.


“The Javier Canedo scholarship is meant to be awarded to a recipient who embodies the principles and values with which Javi lived his short but very meaningful life and who shares Javi’s infectious passion for the sport… Soccer was very important to Javi as he recognized the role that the sport could have on someone’s life both inside and outside the field. This scholarship will grant its recipient the ability to partake in the sport Javi so dearly loved, hopefully with the same joy and sense of camaraderie that characterized him as a teammate and a friend.”


We are excited to award Christian this opportunity, and know that Javi would be proud.

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